Art games

These are the art games that you can expect to play at the café drawing sessions:

Stressful Seven

  1. One person in the group provides a prompt - for example, “rooster” 🐓.

  2. Everyone draws based on the prompt for 30 seconds⏱. Tip: Use an interval timer app that beeps every 30 seconds.

  3. After 30 seconds, someone else provides a second prompt - for example, “rain” ☔.

  4. Continue the same drawing for another 30 seconds, but incorporate the new prompt - in this example you might draw the rooster being rained on, or nesting in a rain cloud.

  5. Repeat at least 7 times, or until everyone in the group has provided a prompt.

  6. Optionally, spend 2 - 3 minutes cleaning up your drawing when the prompts are done.

  7. Marvel at your strange creations.

Prompt game

  1. Use a random word generate to generate two words (or ask the group to come up with two words) - for example, “crow”/”mushroom” or “lamp”/”elf”.

  2. Spend five minutes⏱ drawing something that incorporates both words.

  3. Share your creation!

“Exquisite corpse”

“Exquisite corpse” was invented by surrealists in the early 1900s and is a game where participants take turns drawing parts of a body in sequence - the head, then the torso and arms, then the legs and feet. When you finish your part of the drawing, fold the paper so that the next person can continue the drawing without being influenced by what you drew. Here are some exquisite corpses from the Gothenburg Art Club:

Character design game

  1. Use a random word generate to generate three words (or ask the group to come up with two words) - for example, “crow”/”mushroom”/”evil” or “rot”/”elf”/”sword”.

  2. Spend ten minutes designing a character that incorporates all three words.

  3. Share your creation!

Three word world

  1. Choose three characteristics for an imaginary world - for example:

    • There’s no gravity
    • Everyone is at least part lizard
    • All creatures share a body with at least one other creature
  2. Design a creature that would live in this world.

Draw from memory

Try to draw a well-known cartoon or animated character from memory - like Pikachu or Donald Duck.